High Tech Versus Low Tech

Implants, Magnets, Precision Attachments, Titanium Posts – all very well…  Technology is growing fast in the dental world as in all other sectors and if the cost was going down at the same rate we might be better off.  Its going to be a long time if ever, when the NHS can afford the most […]


What Should NHS Dentistry Look Like?

After 40 years in dentistry I think I know what the most needy in our society would appreciate  Inexpensive emergency treatment Inexpensive extraction treatment Inexpensive denture work – full and partial dentures which are functional. Immediate dentures Inexpensive additions to dentures. Inexpensive repairs to dentures.  Private Health Care  All other treatment could be efficiently handled […]


Fake Dentistry

 I remember the day well, and it’s a story I have heard quite a few times in the past 20 years “I have been going to the dentist all my life every 6 months and one day he tells me all my teeth need pulling out”.  How does this scenario happen? – NHS dentistry.  The […]

Old dentist

When the NHS begins…

 Step forward …… Bevan!  His National Health System was instituted in 1947 and the major part of this system was a free Dental service that would sweep  Dental Health at one step for all the poor people who for one reason or another could not afford to pay for Dental services.  This created a large […]


A Little Bit Of Dental History…

To get where we are today (2013) we have to look back to the last century, specifically 1921 because before that date anyone could be a dentist.  Yes. Anyone! We have all heard the story of the barbers red and white pole signifying that the proprietor was experienced in the extraction of teeth and such […]


The Not So Great National Health Service!

The National Health makes you proud to be British doesn’t it – one of the finest health care systems, low cost and efficient with some of the finest doctors and treatments available anywhere in the world.  National Health Dentistry – the opposite, cheap shoddy and not fit for purpose,  at the best a free marketing […]


Dentures and Snoring…

Do you snore? Maybe wear dentures and are concerned about the effect they may have on popular cures like the Stopsnore type of anti-snoring device.  This type of device holds your bottom jaw in a slightly advanced position and needs your teeth to anchor the device into place. However, if there are sufficient real teeth […]

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Grillz – Is Jaws Setting a New Trend?!?

  Grillz are the latest celebrity craze! Gold, Silver or Jewelled teeth that are catching on with …… celebrity culture.  Madonna, Rihanna and Olympian Swimmer Ryan Lochte are big fans but who was the first celeb in this market?  Step forward Richard Kiel the actor who in 1976 had the original Grillz look! Yes, Jaws […]