• Exclusively distributed by Precision Dental Technology
  • Successfully sold nationwide through Pharmacies and Dental Practices
  • Professional packaging and clear instructions
  • Cheaper than comparable products on the market
  • A complete stop snoring solution that does not compromise comfort

Mad anti snoring devices have been proven to be the most effective way of controlling snoring.
The Stopsnore was specially developed by Precision Dental Technology for dental surgeons who needed an inexpensive way to evaluate patients suitability to a MAD device prior to the manufacturing of a custom made device costing hundreds of pounds.
It worked so well that we decided to put it on the market in 2010.
Made to precisions exacting standards, the Stopsnore is made of a special thermo-plastic EVA material developed by our own technicians.
Small, light and unobtrusive, The Stopsnore is specifically designed to be as comfortable as possible whilst controlling the position of the jaw to enable the airways to provide maximum natural breathing.

Why Stopsnore is the best MAD to start with?

The Stopsnore has been designed to provide the user with an inexpensive device to cure snoring but also to test the suitability of device for the wearer.

Why Stopsnore is the best design.

It is a fixed design, whilst it sounds logical to be able to adjust a device for different setting, two things make this undesirable in a non-custom made device:

  • The bulk: We have built many prototypes and tested all the popular devices currently on the market and concluded that the additional bulk that has to be added to the device always makes the device difficult and uncomfortable to wear. Unless the device is custom built from proper dental impressions, this is not a good option.
  • The cost: These devices are much more expensive than fixed devices and must be tested for suitability