Desert island repair service !

We had a interesting person on our denture repair course yesterday. He wished to learn how to properly prepare a denture as he lived on a remote island in the Atlantic. He seemed pleased with what i had taught him. I only hope that the inhabitants of the island dont come back to me to […]

GDC – Protection of public vs illegal dentistry

    If I want to go to a garage in a run down part of town and allow a scruffy guy in an apron to yank out my teeth, guess what?   I have already realised that this is probably not the best course of treatment available.   Yes, dentistry should be regulated and yes, […]

Quick dentures on NHS

NHS Dentures   I had a visit today from a woman I had seen last week with an extremely badly fitting broken partial denture.   Not repairable, so I smoothed off the sharp edge and advised a trip to her dentist for a new denture. She balanced the remaining remnant of denture in her mouth (as […]

NHS Dentistry – OK to a point

After studiously visiting your NHS dentist every six months for fifty years, your teeth should have kept some semblance of propriety, but sadly they have all fallen out.   This I blame on the GDC. Another reason I will never register with them.   NHS dentistry is OK to a point but do not expect […]

NHS Dentistry is bad for your teeth

    NHS dentistry is bad for your teeth. After 42 years of experience working in the field as a dental Technician and recently as a senior dental Mechanic, I have noticed a marked deterioration in public dental health in the past 10 years (From a very low standard)   My solution, ditch NHS, make […]

The price of dentures part 2

  So where did it all go wrong for the poor relation of dentistry, the humble denture. I’m glad you asked! Back in 1920, (you did ask) things in dentistry were simple. If you could afford it, there were many dentists that could help, and if you could not afford proper treatment, there was a […]

The Price of Dentures

The quality of dentures on the national health in the UK is poor. I speak from experience. 42 years. The main problem is not improving the quality on the NHS (Impossible, for a myriad of reasons and I intend to cover this in detail) but rather offering the unsuspecting public an inexpensive private option of […]

GDC -Pay up or Shut up

            The General Dental Council (GDC), that august body that looks after us, has recently publicised an increase of 64% in the annual retention fee to meet costs in dealing with their extra burden of complaints that have flooded into their offices.   Could this be anything to do with […]