The Price of Dentures

The quality of dentures on the national health in the UK is poor.

I speak from experience. 42 years. The main problem is not improving the quality on the NHS (Impossible, for a myriad of reasons and I intend to cover this in detail) but rather offering the unsuspecting public an inexpensive private option of fair quality.


So how might we achieve this?


When I started as an apprentice dental technician in 1973, a set of dentures on the NHS cost £5.00. and a private set about £25.


Using my patent inflation tool, a pint of Youngs ordinary bitter cost 25p hence


Nhs full set = 20 pints of bitter               (£5.00)


Private set   = 100 pints of bitter            (£25.00)


With me so far?


What about today


NHS full set  =  74 pints @ £3.00per pint                           (£222.50)

Private set     =  500 pints                                                    (£1500.00)


So as you can see, in real terms dentures have become a lot more expensive. An increase of 370% for NHS and a whopping 500% for private dentures.


How did that happen!

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