GDC -Pay up or Shut up








The General Dental Council (GDC), that august body that looks after us, has recently publicised an increase of 64% in the annual retention fee to meet costs in dealing with their extra burden of complaints that have flooded into their offices.


Could this be anything to do with the full page GDC adverts we have been seeing in the National Press asking for the general public to ‘Shop your Local Dentist’?


I am all for cleaning up this murky, despicable dental trade of ours, but I draw the line at forking out endless money to a heavy handed, bloated bunch of bureaucrats who have to ‘Ambulance chase’ for punters to keep them in their jobs.


I was recently shown a full lower denture by a client who had come in for a dental repair, and she was asking me for my comments on it. It transpired that she was not happy with the dentist who had supplied it and had been advised by the GDC to collect expert opinion on the teeth and they would mount an ‘investigation’.


I happen to know the dentist in question and I also know he is not a crook and tries hard to do a good job in general.


I could have criticised the denture. I could have said the lower ants were so far from the alveolar that dislodgement would be a problem. The posts were off the ridge, the polish was poor etc etc. in other words a typical denture made by a typical dentist that probably thought it was an excellent job.


Is this really what the Retention fee is for? To see hard working general dentists hauled up before the GDC for every denture that is not quite as good as it could be. Good luck with that. I may be a bit of a perfectionist but I can honestly say I have never seen a denture that I could not criticize in some way or another including the many thousands I have made in my 40 year career.


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