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Denture Repair and New Dentures utilizing the latest in copy denture techniques


Luis Fairman qualified as a dental technician in 1976 and for 38 years was at the cutting edge of denture technology.

In 2008 the dental rules changed and registration with the General Dental Council (GDC) became obligatory for anyone who wished to be called a dental technician or dentist in the UK.

Luis decided not to be so registered, partly as he held the GDC responsible for the deteriorating state of the National health in dentistry and for the driving up of prices for basic denture work.

Luis believes that there should be a basic, inexpensive denture provision for the general population and will not join an organisation that believes the National Health should just be a ‘marketing plan for dentists’










Luis manufactures dentures in Bodmin using totally legal techniques he has developed in response to the latest changes to the law. Utilising a copy system he can make a perfect set of dentures for a fraction of the cost of the inflated prices now being charged in this market place. Phone Luis on 01208 77727 for advice on these services.









Repairs to all types of denture work

Luis is an expert with dentures. His repair work is guaranteed and flawless. You can safely leave your precious teeth in his safe hands.

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