Precision Dental Technology supply specialist metals and plastics to the Dental industry and offer local denture services in Cornwall.

As dental materials have become increasingly technically sophisticated and the techniques and clinical procedures become more advanced, the quality and precision of the relevant materials become critical.
Precision dental technology recognize the importance of using the best quality materials for dental laboratory applications and strive to supply the very best materials for a narrow range of applications.

Director of Precision Dental Technology is Luis Fairman


Luis started in Dental Technology in 1973 and his laboratory shot to fame in 1977 when it was chosen to manufacture the famous metal teeth worn by the American actor Richard Kiel in the 1970s James Bond films ‘The Spy Who loved Me’ and ‘Moonraker’

This early introduction to precision metalwork led Luis to become an expert in dental precision materials and his company now supplies some of the best Dental laboratories in the UK, Germany, Japan and the USA.

Luis has a personal interest in combating the perennial incidence of snoring and has actively designed many different products over the years to help people with this problem.

The STOPSNORE branded product is the result of many years of experimentation with this problem.

Luis is very hands on at Precision and is always available for any queries.