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I had a visit today from a woman I had seen last week with an extremely badly fitting broken partial denture.   Not repairable, so I smoothed off the sharp edge and advised a trip to her dentist for a new denture. She balanced the remaining remnant of denture in her mouth (as this was showing front teeth) and left.


This is the story she told me today.

‘I visited my National health dentist and he gave me three options, firstly, repair (I would have loved to see this miracle of dental technology). Secondly, a new denture (only option IMHO) and thirdly do nothing (Nothing? I wouldn’t think balancing half an ill-fitting piece of plastic in my mouth whilst attempting to eat, speak and socialize could be described as nothing)

She obviously chose the new denture route and was given a date to start. June. (This being March 16.)


What does the woman do?

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