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Cornwall Denture Repair

We have been repairing dentures in Bodmin in the middle of Cornwall for the past 20 years









Repairing a denture may sound easy but unless you use the best, top quality materials, the repair may fail.

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Here at Precision we guarantee our work and you can be assured that your denture repair is in the very best of hands








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This is our Denture Repair lab in Bodmin Cornwall








Many people ask us how to repair a denture themselves and we believe that this is never a very good idea.  You can buy certain ‘kits’ at your local pharmacy containing a mix of the type of materials that us Dental Mechanics use in our Laboratories, but the mess that the average layman makes of this specialist type of repair is not always a pretty sight.  resin (methyl Methacrylate) and this is the type of resin that most denture repairs are made with. before acrylic resins were used  (pre 1945) Bakelite was used briefly, but I have never seen one in 40 years.

A much more common material was a hardened rubber called Vulcanite, and I have certainly seen a fair share of these, in fact they are still being manufactured in certain laboratories as some people are allergic to acrylic resins.


Super glue and denture repair

Modern glues can be very strong  and one of the best glues for temporary denture repair is the common or garden Cynacrylate cement usually referred to as superglue. In our experience, little harm can come of the tiny amount of cyanide that is used in the manufacture of this product.

It can sometimes be  used to re-fix the odd tooth back to a plate but it does not have the strength to hold any part of a denture together that has to be under normal flex conditions. A permanent repair is the only real solution

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We have a wide experience of Denture Repair in Cornwall and you can feel confident that we will complete any work to your satisfaction or there is absolutely no charge.

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