Huge prosecution success by the GDC

Huge prosecution success by the GDC   I post many articles and videos on the internet, mostly in the same vein, complaining about the shoddy provision of National Health Dentistry in my area (Cornwall) and it is no secret that I hold the regulator, The General Dental Council, responsible for a lot of the ills […]

GDC – Bunch of crooks?

Not really. The increase of 64% in subs must be entirely justified. Not. see this Dentists are the soft target, most of the ones I know are pretty decent, and would not dream of increasing their prices by this amount.


Plastic Partial Dentures

Why are They Made?  The answer … Cost. A denture that needs to replace natural teeth must be strong, a charateristic that plastic generally used for dentures does not have.  However, because a proper metal framework for a denture is more expensive this will often not be considered for NHS work.  There is a more […]



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NHS Shocking Denture!

This is another “fine”example of  an NHS denture… or Gumstrippers. Another shocking tale from one of my customers.   Luis Fairman, November 2013


Fake Dentistry- Gumstrippers. The dentures that do not exist…

 In 1972 I bought a book for the College course in Dental Technology. Written by a very famous Dental Technician, the book describes Denture making in great detail this book was considered “The Bible” in our industry.  Why then does it not describe the most popular denture manufactured in the UK?  The plastic partial.  If […]

ED story

Shocking but sadly true… Check out Ed’s story… How would you feel if this happened to you? Hard to believe this is happening in 2013…  and sadly this is not an isolated case, I see people walking into my lab in similar situations everyday.   Luis Fairman, November 2013


Hard Talk !

Did you happen to watch the “Hard Talk” programme on the 11th October? Bit of an early show but well worth a look if you are an early riser! In the BBC programme, Sir David Nicholson was interviewed by the BBC – he is head of the NHS in England.  He said A&E is not sustainable […]