Denture Repair Course FAQ

Where does the law stand on repairing dentures?

-There is no regulation in the UK for repairing dentures. You do not need to be a dental professional to offer a dental repair service. Anyone can do it if they have the requisite knowledge.

What skills do I need to repair a denture?

-A little bit of manual dexterity. If you not good at DIY and are all ‘fingers and thumbs’ you probably won’t be particularly good at repairing dentures.
If you are fairly ‘handy’ repairing a denture is easy with the correct knowledge.

What tools are needed to repair a denture?

– A dental motor and the necessary tools are easy to procure. No specialist equipment is needed and in the past I have repaired a denture using a Swiss army knife as my only tool kit!

When do courses run?

Email and we will send you a schedule for this year

Where are the courses run?

At Bodmin Dental Laboratory in Bodmin Cornwall. (on the A30 Trunk Road and good Train links)