Book: The Practical Dental Nurse

Luis has a new book that is soon to be published.


 Synopsis- The Practical Dental Nurse

This innovative book brings the dental team together by recognising the important role a dental nurse can have in developing skills that connect dental surgery and dental Laboratory, with minimum input by the busy dentist.


But which skills and why? If you have ever thought about

improving your prosthodontics, keeping on top of your lab and giving dental nurses the skills that will most benefit the surgery, this book is for you.


The Author


Luis Fairman has worked at the coalface of Dental Technology for over 40 Years. He was part of the team who made famous teeth for James Bond villain Jaws, and

takes time from his lab business to travel the country training basic lab techniques to dental surgeries.

An outspoken speaker and well respected writer on dental matters, Luis takes no prisoners with his views on dentistry.