Denture Repair Course

My name is Luis Fairman and I have been a qualified dental Mechanic for over 35 years.Luis

Repairing a denture is pretty easy. All you need is the right equipment, a little training and if you are fairly good with your hands, anyone can utilise this skill for profit in the UK totally legally.

You do not have to have any qualifications such as Dental technician or dentist to offer a denture repair service in the UK but please check the relevant laws if you are intending to operate in any other country.

Since the revolution in the dental world of the regulating body (the General Dental Council) registering dental technicians in 2008, there has been a multitude of retirements and prosecutions of the old guard of dental technology. These were the guys who kept the denture market ticking over by manufacturing dentures directly to the public and of course repairing dentures, but the GDC have mounted a huge campaign upon them and have left the denture repair market wide open as a result. No longer can you go along to “Fred in the Shed” to have work done on your false teeth.

Make Real Money

How much do I charge for sticking 2 pieces of plastic together? – £60.00.  Do the maths – 10 repairs a day equals £600 per day but because it’s a denture, people think you need to be a dental technician to repair them, this is not true – anyone in the UK can repair dentures legally and advertise the fact and start making money fast.


So if anyone can repair a denture and collect a good fee for doing it and there is now little competition for these services WHY NOT YOU?


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We offer a one day course for £195 where you will learn everything you need to know about this lucrative trade.


Repair your own dentures

We have had several people on the course who just want to maintain their own dentures!

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Skill Required

I can teach a fairly handy person this skill in 2 days, once learnt you never forget – but it is essential that you get one to one training with an expert. With the correct technique you would be able to open up for business the day after your course. You will be shown every step in denture repair and learn how to advertise and market your services, some of our clients have gone onto study dental technology proper from our introduction to our trade.

James Bond’s Teeth

Some of you may remember the  famous set of teeth I made for the James Bond villain, Jaws.


In 1977, we were approached by Pinewood Studios in London to manufacture a metal set   of teeth for the actor Richard Kiel for the James Bond film “The spy who loved me”, little did we know the success of this film would create a huge interest in the metal teeth we made. We still have interest from many James Bond fans around the world.






So what do you need to repair a denture?

Relevant knowledge, correct equipment and a bit of practice, and if this is obtained you can set yourself up as a denture repair service immediately.

What do we offer?

We will train you to do this properly.  chrome

It does involve a day or two in Cornwall, but we are very accessible in Bodmin on the A30 trunk road and our students travel from far and wide if they think this opportunity is for them. Once learnt, never forgotten.

OK, I now know how to repair a denture, now what?

Dental Technicians were widespread in nearly every area of the UK until fairly recently. A dental technician did not need any formal qualifications and many offered a denture service from sheds and basements to the public as getting even a basic denture service from a dentist was nigh on impossible.

Recent changes to the dental law has changed this situation and instead of registering with the General Dental Council as is now the law if you wish to call yourself a dental technician, you do not need to be registered to repair dentures.However many ex Dental technicians have given up and retired, leaving vast opportunity in the prosthetic (Denture) market place.

How much can I earn?

I charge £60 for repairing a denture in Bodmin and this is fairly representative in the UK.

There is no reason why you can not build a practice on this skill alone for a good income.

The sky is always the limit with any business you control and our course also covers marketing and advertising so that you will have a competitive advantage over any dentist, dental technician or other persons offering the same service in your area.

Lets do the maths

1 repair at £60.00 a day income £60.00 per day

10 repairs at £60.00 a day income £600.00 per day

Realistic? Depends on competition, population and marketing. All I know is there are an awful lot of weak pieces of cheap plastic that are constantly breaking in peoples mouths in the UK thanks to the NHS!

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ID-10077951These guys get a lot of bad press, but here’s the thing, we will show you how to get an immediate stream of business from Dentists in your area once you have mastered this skill. They will send people straight to you. You just have to approach them in the correct way. We will show you how.




General Public

This is where the majority of work comes from. People want a quick service, and there is no reason that you can not provide it.

Many of our students just want a part time income, but others have gone on to train as Dental Technicians after this simple introduction to the dental trade and all our students are in contact with us after successful completion of our course.

Other students add this service to something they are already doing i.e. key cutting shoe repair or other such services and if I had a small shop already this is the first thing I would consider.


1 or 2 day courses are available. We only take a between 1-3 students at any one time and all courses are taught personally by myself. At the end of day one you will be able to repair most types of denture professionally and to a high standard. Day two is used to practice and hone skills and is recommended for maximum mastery, but day one covers the basics and is complete on its own.


Courses include 


All practical skills

Procurement of materials and equipment

Advertising and marketing

Trade secrets

Denture Repair Manual

Denture repair CD Video

Email help line

Telephone help line



If you think this is for you, contact us now on 01208 77727 during the working day or email me directly and I will send you a free info pack.


Luis Fairman